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NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING PZ-2019-02 Take notice that a regular meeting to be held at 6:00 PM, on August 13, 2019 in the City Council Chambers, 2nd floor, 102 East Parmenter Street, Lamar, Colorado, The Planning and Zoning Commission will consider the application for: Rezoning of property from C-3 to C-2 701 N Main Street, Lots 1-2-3 and vacated alley adjacent to lots, Strain Brothers Addition Rezoning of said property from C-3 to C-2 for the purpose of being able to perform warehousing. Any person may appear before the Planning and Zoning Commission at the time and place stated above to be heard on the proposed request. Craig G. Brooks Director Planning and Zoning Commission City of Lamar, Colorado 81052 Published Lamar Ledger July 4, 18, 2019--1611591
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